CAT Telecom holds meeting on mega projects to develop business and boost credibility at international level with participation of leading telecommunication operators across Asia Pacific


The Pacific Partners Meeting (PPM) was hosted by CAT Telecom at Le Méridien Phuket Resort in Phuket during March 14-16, 2018. Fifteen member countries took part in the meeting, chaired by Dr.Dhanant Subhadrabandhu, Senior Executive Vice President, Business and Service, CAT Telecom Public Company Limited


The PPM is the gathering of 15 top telecommunication operators in Asia Pacific, comprising AT&T (the United States), Chunghwa Telecom (Taiwan), China Telecom (China), Indosat (Indonesia), KDDI (Japan), Korea Telecom (South Korea), PCCW (Hong Kong), PLDT (the Philippines), Sing Tel (Singapore), Spark (New Zealand), Tata Communications (India), Telecom Malaysia (Malaysia), Telstra (Australia), VNPT (Vietnam) and CAT Telecom (Thailand).


The meeting aims at reinforcing joint cooperation and exchanging knowledge among the partners in various aspects including business, marketing and technology. The meeting also featured business negotiations and strategies to link their services together.


Besides the PPM, the Risk Management Committee Meeting a sub-panel meeting was also organized to address the theft of voice service which has occurred in an era that voice is being used in telecommunication. In addition, the committee also discussed the risk management of all ranges of telecommunication services, particularly online service which highly requires cyber security today.


“For the PPM this year, CAT played a role in sharing experiences and information relating to Thai telecommunication business which focuses on becoming part of the state’s mega projects such as Digital Park Thailand and Smart City including opportunity to embark on joint investment in Myanmar. As the country’s leading telecommunication service provider, serving as a host of this meeting not only helps strengthening relationships among telecommunication operators in the Asia Pacific region, but boosting confidence in investment on international telecommunication as well,” Dr. Dhanant said.

“Besides, Mr Nishant Ranjan, Regional Solution Architecture – South East Asia at MaAfee, was also invited to the Risk Management Committee Meeting which was held during the PPM this year to share his knowledge about advanced hardware and software for risk management on network which is useful for devising telecommunication security systems of the member countries,”


 “Also, the next meeting will be hosted by Korea Telecom in South Korea. The member countries have concluded that the meeting will zero in on promoting joint cooperation to materialize the development of technology and sharing service to pave the way for solid service infrastructure in Asia Pacific and other regions,” he said.